Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Is Here

Yea!!! I am on Spring Break and it feels great. So, what has the world been up to? We have passed Health Care Reform in the United States, Yea, now my sister and I can afford health coverage. My son will be covered under his step mom and his dad's insurance til he is out of college and in a job.

 The Catholic Church is still covering up its sins after oh I don't know say..... 100yrs and nothing has change in that avenue.

Armageddon hasn't happen like the Republican said it would and life is basically good.So, to all those out there enjoy the day and brace yourselves for more Republican Bullshit in the House and Senate because the next best issues coming up are Immigration and Banking Reform Laws. So, get your racing shoes on cause here we go again with the party of NO.

Friday, February 26, 2010


   This blog today is to clear up any misunderstandings about a joke I sent to friends who seem to have gotten the wrong idea.
  Lets start with the fact that my ancestors came through Ellis Island during the potatoe famine in Ireland. They came here to start a new life and become citizens of this country. They started a business and prospered and I am proud of that fact.
  I am an American because of it. I do what is right and I am a descent citizen. I know my heritage and most of the constitution and I try to abide by the laws set down before me in that constitution.
 On the other hand I have no tolerance for those who do come to this country and do not follow the laws. Let see like be here illegally.... My family worked hard to be an American and I have know qualms about letting people know that if you want to live here speak the language, become a citizen and pay taxes here. Oh and by the way DO NOT BITCH ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT because if you are not a legal resident you have know right.. Just my opinion.
 I may be out spoken, become to passionate about certain subjects and raise my voice a wee bit however, I do LOVE my country and I will be damned if anyone says any different or implies it.
   I sent a joke out and about because it had its points however, I saw it as talking about the jobs being taken by illegals and the system being abused by the same population of people.
  I get what this country is made of  Irish, Italians, Dutch, Spanish , Chinese and so on, but does anyone remember our forefathers where not the original Americans. No we took this land from the original peoples and then screwed them over. So maybe some of my heritage is shameful on our part. So I own that part but at least My ancestors became citizens and did their best to have a good life.
   This country of ours is a great place and I believe if you want to change things and protest about things become a responsible member of society and do the right thing. Become LEGAL.
   I also get that we our a nation of nations and that because of that we are awesome so instead of focusing on all the difference lets just become ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE and make this country the best place to be. I know what your thinking we our individuals with different back grounds and you are right but we must stand together not apart. You know the old adage Divided we fall. enough said.
   People who read this may be offend sorry but as I said It's just my opinion.                                                      I AM A PROUD AMERICAN.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

    Granted we just got finished with Thanksgiving, however I just got an e-mail from my ex-Father-in-law about the meaning of the phrase Merry Christmas and I concur.
   We as a nation have seem to become sooooo politically correct that we go into stores to shop for the holiday season and no one says Merry Christmas any more have ya NOTICED? This is because corporate does not want to offend anyone who will spend money in their stores. Do ya get it? Oh yea Happy Holiday they say now and Happy New Year if you are lucky enough to get that from the shop keeper or sales person.
I don't know about you, however I am offended by the political correctness of it all.
    I grew up with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and in school we got Christmas vacation but not today my son gets a winter break and that does not even cover the fact that the teachers are not allowed to have Christmas trees in their classrooms any more yet they can have Menorahs and Quanza candles. Do you see the problem here? Personally I do.I don't  mind my son learning other religons or their Holiday traditions I think its great, however lets not forget about Christmas and its meaning of family,good wishes and most of all the big guy Santa. O.k we can't forget the little guy in the cradle either. 
   However you spend your Christmas holiday remember to have love,laugher and joy and the Christmas spirit of giving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Happen To The Respect for The Office of The President????

   The other day I was talking with one of my clients while I was doing her nails and discussing with her about how the media and the talking heads out there in T.V Land don't have the respect for the office of the Presidency that they use to. I don't know about you but do you remember the last President that was referred to as Mr President or President whoever at the time.
   When I was young nobody referred to the President by his last name only or by his first name only and today and in resent years that is all I hear and very little Mr President or President whoever it is.
How are we suppose to tell the younger generations to respect the office if we the adults or the media don't?
   Do you see where I am going with this? I do have to admit that when I referred to the Last President it was never in a good light when I talked about him, however he was the President of these United States and I do expect the media and talking heads to referred to the office with the respect it deserves.
  We may not like who is in the office, however I do strongly believe we should respect it no matter who is sitting in the Oval office whether it is Kennedy ,Clinton,Regean or a Bush. They all deserve the word President in front of their.
   We may not agree with their politics yet they still deserve respect.

You Gotta Love Your Kid!

The other day my son comes home in a good mood. We sit and watch American Idol together.
He and I fight in a good way about who gets the couch. So he is begging me for it and I give in but before that he says to me “i did something you’ll like on your phone”. So we  switch seats and I look at my phone and were I put Debs Cell it says “I luv u mom”.

These are the moments I live for.

You gotta love your kid!

The Future of our Children

Future of our Childern

I sit and listen to what everyone has to say about the state of our economy and the government and the environment and wonder what it will be like in the future for our kids.
The politician”s bitch about it but when it come right down to it they stick to what their party concerns and agendas are. It seems all they care about is the power of their office’s and screw the people. Now I’m not saying all of them feel this way. It just seems like most do and our future will suffer for it.
When will they get a hint…. It’s not about them and thier power It’s about what is good for our country and world as a whole. You know the PEOPLE.
Do they really care about the atrocities of the Bush Crime Family? Are they really going to do something about righting the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution Bush trampled all over? Or our they just going to look into it?
Do they have the BALLS to bring these people to justice? Or are they going to say the past is over lets move on?
So here I sit and listen and wonder hoping this new administration will have the balls to do something and hope that the future of my child is healthy and secure and that all his rights are intact.