Friday, February 26, 2010


   This blog today is to clear up any misunderstandings about a joke I sent to friends who seem to have gotten the wrong idea.
  Lets start with the fact that my ancestors came through Ellis Island during the potatoe famine in Ireland. They came here to start a new life and become citizens of this country. They started a business and prospered and I am proud of that fact.
  I am an American because of it. I do what is right and I am a descent citizen. I know my heritage and most of the constitution and I try to abide by the laws set down before me in that constitution.
 On the other hand I have no tolerance for those who do come to this country and do not follow the laws. Let see like be here illegally.... My family worked hard to be an American and I have know qualms about letting people know that if you want to live here speak the language, become a citizen and pay taxes here. Oh and by the way DO NOT BITCH ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT because if you are not a legal resident you have know right.. Just my opinion.
 I may be out spoken, become to passionate about certain subjects and raise my voice a wee bit however, I do LOVE my country and I will be damned if anyone says any different or implies it.
   I sent a joke out and about because it had its points however, I saw it as talking about the jobs being taken by illegals and the system being abused by the same population of people.
  I get what this country is made of  Irish, Italians, Dutch, Spanish , Chinese and so on, but does anyone remember our forefathers where not the original Americans. No we took this land from the original peoples and then screwed them over. So maybe some of my heritage is shameful on our part. So I own that part but at least My ancestors became citizens and did their best to have a good life.
   This country of ours is a great place and I believe if you want to change things and protest about things become a responsible member of society and do the right thing. Become LEGAL.
   I also get that we our a nation of nations and that because of that we are awesome so instead of focusing on all the difference lets just become ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE and make this country the best place to be. I know what your thinking we our individuals with different back grounds and you are right but we must stand together not apart. You know the old adage Divided we fall. enough said.
   People who read this may be offend sorry but as I said It's just my opinion.                                                      I AM A PROUD AMERICAN.


  1. I LOVE you opinion. I get it too. Frankly, I understand our country as a place where people come to begin anew and to follow their dreams... if they come 'under the border' of illegally, they should do what they can to remedy it. In that absence, they are criminals. It's a shame that so many fine, good folks are illegal. But, there are legal remedies for it!

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