Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Future of our Children

Future of our Childern

I sit and listen to what everyone has to say about the state of our economy and the government and the environment and wonder what it will be like in the future for our kids.
The politician”s bitch about it but when it come right down to it they stick to what their party concerns and agendas are. It seems all they care about is the power of their office’s and screw the people. Now I’m not saying all of them feel this way. It just seems like most do and our future will suffer for it.
When will they get a hint…. It’s not about them and thier power It’s about what is good for our country and world as a whole. You know the PEOPLE.
Do they really care about the atrocities of the Bush Crime Family? Are they really going to do something about righting the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution Bush trampled all over? Or our they just going to look into it?
Do they have the BALLS to bring these people to justice? Or are they going to say the past is over lets move on?
So here I sit and listen and wonder hoping this new administration will have the balls to do something and hope that the future of my child is healthy and secure and that all his rights are intact.

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